Terms and Conditions are integral part of this website and therefore, it is a general advice for every individual to go through this section at least once before taking advantage of our services. This section has been very helpful in solving a number of conflicts and general public issues.


  • Every individual who comes to this website is bound by the rules and conditions set by our legal and public relation department.
  • We encourage every individual to read our policies before placing an order and this is important especially because placement of an order means, you understand and accept all of the rules and regulations set by us.
  • We encourage people above 18 to apply for our services and it is especially important to create good understanding and relationship with our clients from all across the world. Those still under 18 years of age can apply with the help of some adult person.
  • Sometimes, it is necessary to collect some of the information of the visitors/buyers or even subscribers to proceed further with or without prior consent.


It is our utmost desire to do our best for our clients and we are bound to follow these rules and regulation

  • As a service provider, we believe in serving our clients in the best possible manner and we serve them regardless of their age, gender and nation. However, we have the right to accept or return a project without giving any reason.
  • As a service provider, it is our responsibility to work as per the requirement and expectation of each individual client.
  • Essay writing task are usually bound by specific time period during which these must be submitted and therefore, we ensure to finish every single task without agreed timeframe.


Placement of an order simply means acceptance of all principles, rules and regulation set by us. On the other hand, it is our responsibility to immediately precede every single order on receipt.  The client is bound to follow and accept all the rules starting from first to the last step of order completion which includes:

  • Filling of order form
  • Making payment
  • Requesting for revision
  • Accepting final version
  • Cancellation policy
  • Refund policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Others


We give a choice of revision to every individual client to let him/her improve the final version. This offer is valid only for 24 hours and thus on receipt of final copy of your paper you must review it as early as possible so you can make a free revision request within the next 24 hours. There could be some recommended improvement by the clients and we make sure to apply them. These may be about:

  • Information
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Writing
  • References
  • Plagiarism
  • Etc


We strongly believe in building very good relationship with every single client because online business is all about respecting each other opinion. Due to indirect interaction, some confusion might be created which needs to be cleared out as early as possible. Here are some principles to avoid any kind of conflicts:

  • We make every possible effort to deliver best quality of work to every individual client. Despite all our sincerity and passion, we don’t guarantee any grades or scores. We try our best and leave the rest on your luck and this is all we can do.
  • We offer every individual client free revisions for limited period of time and these offers must be availed within that period or else these will become invalid.
  • We also offer refund of full or partial payment made by the clients but there are certain conditions which allow users to make such claims. (you are recommended to read our full refund policy)
  • We also allow every individual client to cancel order just in case he/she changes mind. This offer is valid only for 24 hours since booking of an order.


We can make changes to T&C Section time to time if required. Thus, we encourage every individual visitor, buyer or subscriber to visit this section time to time to keep him fully up-to-date with the latest changes.


This is the most important part of this website because it contains highly significant information. All the rules and regulations described above are equally important and it is highly important that each individual clearly understands, accepts and follow every single term and condition. Violation or disrespect of any term and condition is taken very seriously and we intend to take strict action against those who are reported to breach our terms and conditions.