Teacher’s behavior with students

Children grow up observing and adapting to several environments at different points in their life. Some of these environments may have a positive impact on their lives while others can totally ruin their childhood experience. The environment in which children grow up is therefore very crucial and parents must take every measure to ensure that they do not get exposed to violence and acts of unkindness. This often turns them into hard-hearted adults with no compassion or care about another person.

Children tend to spend most of their time in school and studies revealed that everything that children learn is mostly because of the environment at high school. The way students interact with each other and more importantly, the way teachers interact with students is a major determinant of how the student turns out to be in future. Their behavior with students can shape their future on many levels but unfortunately, not many teachers even in developed nations understand this fact.

It is often believed that ignoring students not willing or able to learn and brutally punishing students who disrupt class discipline or fail to score well can make them better individuals but it worsens their mentality with the passage of time. Some behaviors can make students dislike every teacher they encounter and this leads to disrespect and fear instead if respect for teachers.

What could be counted as aninappropriate behavior?

Firstly, an inappropriate behavior by teachers towards students can include, but is not limited to, ignoring students who show unwillingness to learn. Children are not mature enough to understand the importance of education and learning and so leaving them unattended instead of focusing on them more than others is inappropriate. Such students should receive counseling sessions so that they prioritize education and not go for illegal earning methods as they grow up and are responsible to earn for their family.

Another inappropriate behavior is the use of hands or kind to hit children. Regardless of how much teachers think of themselves as a father or mother, students dislike anyone hitting them. If children get used to the environment of hitting, violence seems normal to them. This can have severe adverse effects on the society in which fewer people would be willing to speak or stand against violence.

This also makes children unreasonably rough who are then unable to understand the pain they might be giving to another individual. Hence, teacher’s behavior towards students can be a major determinant of how the society progresses in future.

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What is the appropriate behavior?

Children deserve love and care at least till they are mature enough to differentiate between right and wrong. Even adult students dislike inappropriate behavior including discrimination and unjust practices of teachers and so regardless of the level of education, teachers should be careful of how they behave with students. Students often get cheap custom essaywritten by someone else in case of unmanageable workload but making them fail the course is not the right way to deal with this.

Teachers should, first of all, treat all students equally. No student at any point should feel like there is a bias in classroom because this will change students’ behaviors in a negative way. Teachers often discriminate unintentionally and hence there should be anonymous evaluations of classroom frequently. Students should be asked about their honest feedback on the teacher so that any such unintentional behavior can be fixed immediately.

Moreover, teachers must be easily approachable at all times for students. It is obvious that students, especially adults, do require help with essay and other academic tasks outside of classrooms. If the teacher is unwilling to help, students may use unfair means to pass the course which is a loss for the students themselves and failure for teachers.

Therefore teachers should constantly remind students about their availability during office hours outside of classroom and round the clock availability via email. This will encourage students to seek help and make efforts to complete an assignment or a task.

Finally, teachers must keep calm in all situations unless the case is beyond the limit. Instead of punishing students harshly for plagiarism, cheating or disturbance in class, teachers must speak calmly and students usually understand. In case of continuous acts by students, teachers can conduct counseling sessions and gradually improve students’ performance and actions in class.

So it is clear why the way teachers behave with students is so important. Educational institutes should ensure that teachers are trained for this specific task of how to behave with students because teachers cannot expect respect from students if they themselves do not respect them. If teachers understand the importance of this, they will deal with students in the right manner regardless of what the case is.