How to Teach Students to Summarize

How to Teach Students to Summarize

Students have a need to learn to study, and even more so with summarizing techniques.  Really studying is the mastery of skills, skills and techniques that are learned through exercises and that will allow us to reach the proposed goal with complete success, pass the school tests and learn to learn. Sometimes we see students who do not achieve academic success, and this is because they have no organization and because they are unaware of techniques and resources that can help them improve their work performance and facilitate the study of their subjects. The issue of school failure is obviously worrying. Numerous studies and research confirm that in many cases there are a high percentage of students who have learning problems because they do not have correct study habits.

Therefore, it is important to work the study Techniques of summarizing to verify what we know and to provide certain teachings, such as scheduling their work time, organizing their materials, teaching to read (with attention and understanding what they read), taking notes of correct way and summarize them so that later memorization is easier.

For all this, we will explain specifically what the Study Techniques consist of:

General reading of the text

            Read the text to have an overview of the subject and to see what relation it has with the subjects studied previously. It is also important to look at and read the title of the text, since it helps to understand it better. Reading is the most important practice for the study. It is the previous step, the general way to get in touch with a topic.

Comprehensive reading of each paragraph

Draw main ideas; see how many parts the text consists of. Then you will read the first paragraph slowly, asking: What are you talking about here? What does it say? If it is convenient, we must re-read as many times as necessary until we know what the paragraph is talking about. When we know, we write the general idea as summarized as possible. It can be done in the left margin of the text, with pencil and this will have to do with all the paragraphs.

Advantages of this technique:

  • It develops our capacity for analysis and observation.
  • Facilitates the understanding and structuring of ideas.
  • It forces us to ask ourselves what is the main thing and what is the secondary.
  • The study becomes more active; It forces us to focus more attention.
  • Facilitates the quick review and re-reading of the text.

Summarize the main ideas of each paragraph.

Synthesizing the study material is a key technique aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Clarify the structure of the subject by cutting out the essential and the important.
  • Hierarchically order ideas.
  • Minimize the length of text to be studied.
  • Facilitate review.
  • Determine in advance what is to be put on the exam and what can be omitted.
  • Facilitate active study.

In short, they will learn to have control and autonomy at the time of study and this will bring them increased self-esteem, school success and the creation of study habits which will allow them to enter into a virtuous circle of academic success by applying summarizing techniques.