Refund Policy is an opportunity for our clients to make a request for receiving back the money they have paid earlier against our services. It is not always possible for us to refund the fees paid by the clients due to certain obligations. However, we still try to facilitate our customers as much as possible. We advise every visitor to go through this section just in case he/she has to make a refund request.

Who Should Request for Refund?

If you have cancelled your order due to some reasons or your order has been cancelled by any of our department, you should request for a refund.

Refund Claim Timeframe

Situation # 1:

You give an order but after few years, you decide to send an order cancellation request no matter whatever the reason is, your order will be cancelled. As far as refund of fees is concerned, it is a matter of negotiation. If your cancellation request is received within 24 hours after you place your order, there are big chances that you will get back full payment.

Situation # 2:

You give an order, our team starts working on it and it successfully crosses first stage of 24 hours but later you decide to make a cancellation request, we still honor your request. In this specific case, the refund of full, partial of some part of the full payment is decided on size of the work completed on client project.

Situation # 3:

On completion of an order, you lose your choice to make a refund request. However, just to facilitate our customers, we still give them one more opportunity to request for a refund. This time they must have some valid reasons to go for such option. It is also important to note here that this request can only be made within 72 hours on receipt of completed copy of essay.

Who Should Request for Refund?

If you have cancelled your order due to some reasons or your order has been cancelled by any of our department, you should request for a refund.

Valid Reasons to Make a Refund Claim

When you decide to make a refund claim, it is really important that you have some strong and valid reasons because without a good reason, you will lose your case and will not be able to convince concerned department to send you back the payment you mad earlier. Some of the good reasons might be as follow:

  • Final copy that you receive and overview contains a big percentage of plagiarized content which is not acceptable at all.
  • First look of the document gives totally bad look due to grammatical and typing errors.
  • The writer has given his opinions about certain things but those opinions are completely baseless and do not make any sense for the readers.
  • The writer has used figures or tables but fail to describe them as relevant part of the document.
  • When you receive final copy of your essay, you find that it is a complete mess of information. There are badly organized textural elements in the document and within the limited time, it is almost impossible to reorganize them.
  • Various other strong reasons.

Invalid Reasons to Make a Refund Claim

Sometimes, people come up with absolutely baseless reasons and it is better for them not to go for refund claim because most probably, they will lose their case. Some of the invalid or weak reasons are as follow:

  • The reviewer finds some minor typing errors in some part of the document.
  • The reviewer notices some spelling mistakes which simply need correction.
  • Writer has written some sentences unnecessarily longer.
  • The document also contains minor linguistic issues at some places.
  • Page numbers are inserted incorrectly.
  • The quality of the images is not up to the mark.
  • Various other minor issues with the documents.

Remember: If you find any issues with the final document, you better approach our quality control department instead of going for refund claim. Our staff will help you resolve all such issues and in this way, you will be able to finish and submit your paper well in time.

Dispute Resolution

We believe an amicable solution for every problem and therefore, we request each and every client as well as visitor to approach our Dispute Resolution Department or Customer Support Team for solving all types of issues. Some of our clients directly approach third parties and request them to come forward in getting their money back. Unfortunately, in some of the cases, the involvement of third party spoils the case and conflicts occur. Therefore, we advise all of our valued clients to approach our dispute resolution department at first place.

Before You Make a Refund Claim

Before you make a refund claim, you better check this out. If you think the writer has not followed your instructions and thus failed to work as per your expectation, you are humbly advised to recheck the instructions given by you. If your claim is based on unfollow of instructions, it is extremely important that the instructions were absolutely clear and easy to understand or else there are big chances that your claim will immediately be rejected.