Privacy is something everybody cares about no matter it is yours or anyone else you would definitely like to protect it at any cost. However, when you come online, you can’t keep yourself 100% secured because there are some places where you need to reveal some of your private information including sensitive data. Therefore, it is crucially important that you take every step to prevent your info moving into the wrong hands. As far as our responsibility is concerned, we are fully committed to provide maximum protection to our clients and visitors privacy.

Clients/Users Information

Since our responsibility is to provide services to our clients, we have to collect some of their information to fulfill orders or else you might never be able to carry out the orders. The info may include private data as well but like any other kind of information we are committed to protect it as much as possible. We never want to reveal the collected data before unauthorized persons who could misuse it.

Type of Information We Collect

There are different types of information or data which is collected from the buyers/users or subscribers. It might be some sort of contact info, personal info, qualification etc. Most commonly we ask for name, address, email, contact number etc.

Is There Any Specific Way to Gather Info?

Well, there is not a single method that we always ways for this purpose but of course in most of the cases, we prefer to try voluntary or cumulative methods of revealing information from clients or users.

Voluntary Submission of Information

The most popular method is voluntary submission by the clients/users. In this method, clients are encouraged to take part in different activities such as sending messages, posting comments or sharing their stories and opinions with us. The most important thing about this method is that the users know very well that they are giving some of their information with their consent but they are not compelled to do it.

Cumulative Way of Info Collection

Another effective method is cumulative strategy. This method generates statistical data, for example, their likes, favorites, things of interests and most importantly dislikes which allow us to keep unnecessary things away from them. People might think why we need such info but in reality, it is very important to know each and everything about our clients and even causal visitors who could also become potential clients in coming future.

Are There Any Special Reasons for User Data Collection?

Of course, there are various special reasons and all of them are for the benefits of our users and clients. Actually, we want to make our services better than before and for this, we need to know everything about users. Some of the common reasons are as follow:

Knowing More is Equal to Giving Excellent Services

Yes, it is crucial for us to know more about those come in interaction with us. When we know what they like and what they don’t like, it becomes easier for us to recommend them the best stuff as per their interests and choices.

Knowing What’s Trending Today Enables Us to Plan Our Tomorrow:

Internet world is extremely unpredictable as things could change unbelievably fast. What’s most popular today, might get even more popular tomorrow or even become completely ostracized. To keep ourselves in main stream, we must keep ourselves well aware with everything that going on around us. These are some of the crucial things that make us keep a close watch over activities of the users.

For Carrying Out Clients Orders, We Might Need to Contact Them

Though, it is mandatory for every client to give clear and accurate instructions so we can avoid confusions as much as possible, there are still many clients who forget to follow our clear advice. In all such cases, we are required to approach our clients and this is only possible when we have their contact info.

We Can’t Afford to Accept Fake or Spammers Comments or Opinions:

Every single day, we receive a large number of emails from clients and other users who want us to know their opinions about certain things or their comments about some recent posts or their valuable suggestions to improve our services or even ratings. We respect everyone’s opinion but we can’t encourage spammers and fake commenter. Therefore, we have to check out authenticity of the emails senders.

A User Must Be 18+ to Be Able to Use this Website  

It is a strict instruction for every client that he/she must be at least 18 years of age to be able to user our website or avail our services. Just in case someone is under 18, he/she is strongly advised to accompany with someone who understands his/her legal obligations. That someone could be your friend, parent or even your teacher.


A lot of people visit this website regularly and most of them are hopefully be real people who come to find the solution of their problem or sharing their opinions but there could still be many who appear with fake identification and to achieve their specific goals. We completely disown their activities and the damages caused by their actions. Therefore, we strongly advise every user to be very careful especially when clicking on third party links which might take you to unencrypted connection zone and put your privacy in danger.