Five problems in education system

Five problems in education system

One of the most valuable factors behind the success of every individual and nation is education. People often confuse literacy with education and while both the terms are somewhat connected, they cannot be used interchangeably under any circumstances. Literacy can be as basic as an individual knowing how to read and write. Education, on the other hand, involves knowledge, wisdom, intellect, behavior and possibly anything that makes you the person that you are.

Just like in every case, education is also regulated based on a system that may or may not vary from institution to institution. An education system is crucial because it determines the proportion of population that is willing and able to receive quality education. With problems in the system, a lot of deserving individuals may remain deprived of the facility leading to a major loss for the nation. A common reason behind increasing crime rates and corruption has always been lack of education which can often be a result of problems in the education system.

Students often seek essay writing help and approach professionals with their concerns. These professionals claim that the number of students asking the wrong questions is increasing day by day and blame the education system for it. The question remains, is this blame justified?

Five major problems in education system

The problems clearly do exist in the education system all over the world but if all of these are listed, it would take a lot of time. Therefore, let us focus on the five major problems that needs to be tackled immediately for the betterment of future generations and the nation:

  • Excess competition: Anything in excess is bad and so is competition. Even though competition in general tends to boost the efficiency of an economic agent, the extent to which competition is being taken within the education system is inappropriate. In colleges, students have started holding grudges and hatred against each other because of the intense competition. Therefore, institutes must focus more on teamwork and leadership rather than making them believe colleagues as their competitors.When you seek education to compete with others, you study for a degree or recognition. But when you seek education to actually get educated, you will have much more fun than the former case. You will also be focusing more on yourself instead of even caring about the competition leading to a great academic journey with no competing pressures.

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  • Less involvement of parent: Next problem in the education system is that the importance of parents has almost nearly faded away. Despite the fact that students are mature enough to differentiate between right and wrong, it would keep them active and efficient if their parents are constantly taking reports from them.Current system makes it easier for students to get away with possibly any act they can perform during high school and college life. So parents must remain involved with their children and for that, the education system must introduce the mandatory teacher-parents meet. A mandatory training should be held for parents so that they know why and how to get more involved with the activities of their children.
  • Schools for profitability: Taking unfair advantage of the fact that education is a necessity and people need it to flourish in life, a majority of educational institutions are running with an aim of maximizing profits. In order to cut costs, they have to reduce teachers’ salaries which obviously is extremely unfair.Even if they do not adopt this unfair approach, the tuition fee is usually unreasonably high. It is for this reason why the amount of student debt is increasing sharply each year.Some educational institutes use their goodwill as a “brand name” to make students willing to pay the high tuition. A lot of students may remain deprived of this facility for this reason.
  • Too much power to the professors: Another problem in most of the college systems is that too much power is given to professors in grading of components for Without a standardized grading system, students are left with doubts and questions which is a demotivating factor in some way for students who then get cheap essays written if feedback is not provided. Also, professors can choose not to allow any review of exams by students. Therefore, some power should be in the hands of institute to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Less focus on practical applications: Finally, a major problem that persist in the system is that very few professors focus on practical application of what they teach. Making corporate internships mandatory for students and giving them frequent office and factory tours can be highly productive as students are able to observe how different the real world is than what they study in books.